Recommended Tools and Services

Being creative with how you serve your audience is fun, especially when you have the right tools. It's almost 2020, so there's no excuse for your tools to too technical.

You invest time learning something new, so it better be good.

As a professional I get to try pretty much everything. The tools on this page are my top choices for clients who want to grow their audience and use their website for blogging, podcasts, events, and online courses.

Enjoy our tool list of recommendations! Some of these are affiliate links which means that I get a gift card, or even paid for referring the tool to you. The tools I choose are the ones I use on a daily basis with client projects and I love them!

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ConvertKit Provides Email Automation for Creators

I've been a fan of ConvertKit despite the un-fitting name. This is one of the most sincere marketing companies run by really amazing and generous people. Just ask me and I can tell you more. For course creators, bloggers, and organizations, ConvertKit is the best way to manage email automation and subscribers. Use our affiliate link for free support from Maple in starting up your ConvertKit account.

Create and Sell Online Courses With Teachery

Teachery stands out as a minimalist, user friendly, and small-business sized online course platform. You can use this tool to create and sell online courses and manage all your students in one place. Use our affiliate link and we'll give you a personal welcome and consultation to help you succeed with your online courses.

Note: If you are a care plan client, then you've already seen how Teachery works. We use Teachery to provide online video instruction to help you manage your website. It's also how we process recurring payments for your website care plan. 🙂

Schedule Appointments With Calendly

We use Calendly on our booking page because it's so easy for us and for clients to be able to set up an appointment. What's so nice about this is that it connects to the calendar I already use (Google Calendar) so that times that I am not available will not be available for booking.

It's so simple, I sometimes look at my own Calendly link to see when I'm available for myself (haha). Check it out at

Meet Edgar, A Smart Way To Manage Social Media

It's not just about managing social media... Meet Edgar is a completely different way of thinking about social media management. Most other tools like HootSuite or CoSchedule (which we've enjoyed) let you schedule things in advance on a calendar. Meet Edgar is based on the concept that you can create a library of share-worthy content, then have this content published on different days of the week (Monday to Sunday), based on the rules we create.

This is one of the most brilliant ways to manage a social media presence that truly creates value for your audience on a regular basis, raising the impact of your work while saving you tons of time. We can give you $10 off your account and provide a free trial with our affiliate link

Crowdcast Webinars That Grow Your Audience

This webinar platform is the simplest for your audience. They can access the webinar in their browser with a single click, and then immediately participate in the discussion. The team behind this product is brilliant and committed to using their tools for social change. Crowdcast has impressed me with every improvement, so I'm glad to commit to them for the long haul. Like all of our partnerships, use our link and we'll give you our entire webinar funnel blueprint.

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting

Flywheel is the premium hosting option for WordPress websites. It’s for people who want to keep things simple and provide the best possible experience for themselves and their website visitors.

It’s "expensive" if you compare them to business as usual – but it's a bargain in all the time and hassle you save dealing with technical issues and fighting off up sells. You can set up a self-hosted WordPress site in 30 seconds for free, give it a spin, and even migrate your existing site to Flywheel free.

One Page Websites by provides one-page websites for pretty much anything. You can start using the service immediately, and only pay when you want to connect a custom domain. I always recommend a site as a starting point for websites and especially for service providers. Check out

Seriously, go check out and build a one-page website for your idea, event, newsletter, etc... Becoming familiar with this tool will open a world of possibility to you.

Website Domains & Email by Hover

Domain management, DNS, IP addresses... all this stuff can give any content creator a headache, even if you know how it all works.

Setting up and making changes to your web domain should be simple, and you shouldn't have to wade through a swamp of salesmen to get your work done. That’s why I use premium domain management from Hover. Get $2 off your domain using our link:

Hover is the perfect example of how working with a specialist will always get you better results. If you ever have questions or issues with your domain, their support team will often just fix it for you, no hassle, which goes a long way with your most important asset, your domain.

Password Managing w/ One Password

This is by far the most often used app on both my computer and mobile devices – if you have more than one internet account, you absolutely must start using One Password, then email me a month later and tell me how things have changed.

Since using One Password, I’ve saved thousands of hours messing around with accounts, passwords, and payments. I can’t recommend this highly enough,

Zoom Video Conferencing

Now my go-to platform for video conferencing from client meetings to larger facilitated online discussions. This software is more accessible, functional, and reliable than any I've used in the past 5 or so years of video conferencing.

While I prefer Crowdcast for webinars, Zoom is a better option in certain scenarios, so I always recommend to explore the trial and to ask a lot of questions before making a choice. Zoom's free plan worked for the first 2 years of business, so that should say a lot.

Quality Podcast Hosting by Buzzsprout

I'm amazed at how complicated podcast hosting usually is – because Buzzsprout makes it so simple and intuitive. They only have the features you need, plus detailed reports that help you understand your audience.

Using Buzzsprout, you can start a podcast for free, share it on every platform, and start getting traction before you upgrade and add more content. Check it out here to get a extended trial.

Provide a Portal for Client Projects

If you love being hospitable and you work with clients, then Client Portal is one of the ways a service-based business (like Maple) is able to provide an organized project experience for your clients.

In fact, we use Client Portal for all of our new clients. This shows the phase of the project, any important documents, even homework assignments all in one place. Check it out at

Create Advanced Forms with WPForms

Forms are essential for any transaction. You can create an application form, a catering order form, a student registration form, even an advanced intake form with WPForms. You can also set up simple polls and surveys.

WPForms is a premium form builder tool that works inside your website and gathers all the data. You can set your notifications and use other advanced features like signatures and even payments. Clients have unlimited access to WPForms ($299 /annual value) with any care plan.

Customer Support with HelpScout

Just like all the tools, I tested dozens of helpdesks before choosing HelpScout for handling support tickets. I love this platform, including all the amazing helpful resources they provide to help us be helpful (meta!!!)

You can test it out right now, because Maple uses HelpScout! Try the icon in the bottom right. Use our affiliate link and then schedule a free docs site setup consultation with Ryan.

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